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Welcome to the Yahtzo! web page (last updated 12/3/2006.)


12/3/06-Sixth Public Release (Yahtzo! 1.2)

There were a bunch of fixes and changes in this release, and a new, fully commented version of the source code was released as well. View the Yahtzo! Changelog, or go directly to the Yahtzo! Downloads Page for the latest release.

11/29/06-Fifth Public Release (Yahtzo! 1.1)

In this release, issues with the savegame initialization feature were fixed. All associated savegame data files are now hidden, and the user can now change the player name more smoothly while a game is in progress. View the Yahtzo! Changelog, or go directly to the Yahtzo! Downloads Page for the latest release.

6/14/04-Fourth Public Release (Yahtzo! 1.0r3)

More minor bugs including issues with the F-keys, Form Icon, gamesaves, and end-of-game sequence were fixed. View the Yahtzo! Changelog, or go directly to the Yahtzo! Downloads Page for the latest release.

6/11/04-Third Public Release (Yahtzo! 1.0r2)

Minor bugs were fixed, and detailed help was added to the game. View the Yahtzo! Changelog, or go directly to the Yahtzo! Downloads Page to download the latest release.

6/9/04-Second Public Release (Yahtzo! 1.0r1)

The source code has been released, and a few bugs have been squished. To see what's changed, view the Yahtzo! Changelog, or you can go directly to the Yahtzo! Downloads Page to grab the latest release.

Yahtzo! Project Info

Yahtzo! Screenshot

A screenshot from the game.

Well, in case you haven't already figured it out, Yahtzo! is a Yahtzee!® game for Windows machines, specifically programmed in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. In order to run Yahtzo!, you'll need the Microsoft .NET Runtime (more information at the downloads section.) Yahtzo! has full-featured scoring and game-saving capabilities, and most importantly...it won't let you cheat. It also incorporates a high-scores table.

Yahtzo! Downloads

To view the available downloads for Yahtzo! on the Sourceforge.net site (including the Yahtzo! Windows binary, source code, and installer package,) click here. Please note that you will need to have the Microsoft .NET Framework (~25 MB) installed on your computer in order to run Yahtzo!. You can also view the latest Yahtzo! Changelog.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do you play Yahtzo!?

A: Exactly how you play Yahtzee. No, seriously, download and run the program, then click the "How to Play Yahtzee" or "Using Yahtzo!" menu items for more information on how to play. For now, you can think of Yahtzo! as 'dice poker'.

Q: What inspired you to create Yahtzo!?

A: Yahtzo! was originally an independent project for a high school programming course. And we liked it so much, we deemed it internet-worthy.

Q: Did you HAVE to use Visual Basic .NET?

A: Well, not really...but too bad.

Q: Are there any plans to port Yahtzo! to other operating systems / environments?

A: Not at this time. However, if you'd like to create a port, we'd love to hear from you--please contact us!

Q: Is Yahtzo! released under the GNU GPL?

A: Of course.

Q: Why I try to run Yahtzo!, I get an error message saying that I'm missing certain DLL files. What's up with that?

A: You need to download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework (~25 MB).

Contact Us

Yahtzo! is pioneered by Allison Mucha and Joshua Dick.

Allison is more or less in charge of the actual programming (becuase she originally started this project), and any specific questions about the code should be e-mailed to her at irishrodent AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net.

Joshua is the project coordinator and web designer, and any questions regarding this website, the Sourceforge project page, as well as downloads or ports of Yahtzo! should be e-mailed to him through the contact form at http://joshdick.net.

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